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Podcast #1
February 10th, 2010
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian and Marika

In our introductory episode, we discuss all that these forums have to offer, everything that's been happening in the world of The Offspring, and we discuss one of the most important issues today: the pronunciation of 'Jojan'.

Songs featured:
- The Offspring - Lightning Rod (live)
- The BBS - Forever and a Day
- Sustain - Hey Bartender

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Podcast #2
March 3rd, 2010
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian and Marika

Special guest: Oxygene

In our second episode, we discuss important issues such as The Offspring possibly touring after the release of their newest album, Oxygene's long-ass history with the band, stalkers, T-6005 being naked, and us recording the podcast naked. So much lack of clothing. 

Songs featured:
- Dexter Holland - Gone Away (piano)
- The Deadbeats - Hopeless
- Against Belief - Bed Religion
- McFear - O.L.E. 

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Podcast #3
March 17th, 2010
with Carson, Adrian and Marika

Special guest: Tijs

In our third episode, we return to discuss only the most important issues like The Offspring working on their new album, the forums turning angry with eachother in every thread, the community divide between the sections, and of course JohnnyNemesis' jealousy of Tijs.

Songs featured:
- The Offspring - Revelations
- Against Belief - BBS Mixtape Vol IV Intro
- The Fisticuffs - Fifty-First In Line

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Podcast #4
April 1st, 2010
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian and Marika

Special guest: Randy / randman21

For our fourth episode, we discuss the world of The Offspring, Greg K along with something big, losing virginity to dogs (and horses), we make Adrian feel horrible about one slip of the tongue, and Carson finally snaps. The most important part, however, is that this is all accompanied by a smooth, deep, guest voice.

Songs featured:
- The Offspring as Manic Subsidal - Hopeless
- Utopia Now - Myopia
- The SRI's - One Way Out

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Podcast #5
April 27th, 2010
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian and Marika

In this episode, the original crew discusses threads from the past, birthdays that have happened long ago, Germans being better at English than Americans, racism, and guitar skills! Such diversity!

Songs featured:
- The Offspring - Kick Him When He's Down (live)
- KD Shelton - Stay

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Podcast #6
November 18th, 2010
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian and Marika

Special guest: Sam / Smartzke

In this episode, we discuss topics have long since disappeared from these boards, as this one was recorded about a month or two ago. Though, it's a fantastic one, and we want you to hear it!

Songs featured:
- The Offspring - You'll Find A Way (live)
- Raimundos - Eu Quero Ver O Oco
- Static Martyr - Madam K 

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Podcast #7 The Year-End Podcast
December 27th, 2010
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian and Marika

Special guests: Randy / randman21, Tijs, Sam / Smartzke

For our year-end round up, we take special time and care to reminisce over the year of 2010 and share some deep, dark secrets from not only our pasts, but the past of this very BBS! Of course, we welcome back a few of our guests to share with us their thoughts and experiences. So, come on, and enjoy our gift to you!

Songs featured:
- Ron Emory ft. Dexter Holland - I'm Not Alone
- The Reverend Peton's Big Damn Band - Clap Your Hands
- Die Toten Hosen - Disco

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Podcast #8 Gringo Bandito Special
November 14th, 2011
with Gustavo, Adrian, Marika and Tijs

Special guest: Matt (aka Ese)

Almost a year after the last podcast, we bring you a special Gringo Bandito Special with Matt, better known as Ese. He works at Dexter's Holland hot sauce company Gringo Bandito. He gives us an insight in the company and tells us what's going on there, what future plans they have and how it's like working for a world famous rockstar like Dexter Holland. We also briefly discuss the new album and lots more!

Songs featured:
- The Offspring - Session
- Against Belief - I Hope

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Podcast #9
December 9th, 2011
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian, Marika and Tijs

Special guest: Oxygene

An episode in which we talk with Oxygene, probably THE most hardcore Offspring fan on this planet. He shares stories and experiences with us. Reactions on this podcast: "it's great." -- "Good podcast!" -- "great episode :)" So don't miss it!

Songs featured:
- The Offspring - Ballroom Blitz (Demo 1986)
- The Offspring - Mission From God
- Ricetigers - Christmas 2009
- LMFAO - Sexy And I know It 

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Podcast #10
January 7th, 2013
with Carson, Gustavo, Adrian, Marika and Tijs

Special guests: Dexter Holland and Noodles

We are proud to announce that the BBS Podcast is back! In this episode we receive two very special guests, as Carson would describe them "The two and only," Dexter and Noodles from The Offspring.
Find out what the big prank the band played on us was, hear all about the upcoming tour of 2014 called "Going South" which will take place in South Africa and South America with Tupak Shakur, Dexter's upcoming hot sauce Greengo Bandito/Angry Bandito, a special guest appearance from Greg K and you might just get a hint of which Days Go By song they might make a video for next! Oh, and find out the line-up of the upcoming festival the band is preparing in Bakersfield, California called "Dexter's Weekend Of Fun Festival," brought to you by Gringo Bandito.

Songs featured:
- Fiction Reform - Shellac and Vinyl
- Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi
- The Ricetigers - Future is Now
- Beauty Burns Slowly - Better
- Against Belief - Nightcall (Kavinsky cover)
- Carson Mauthe - Self Esteem (The Offspring parody)

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