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1986 demo tape surfaced!

Not too long ago a tape surfaced with a few old songs on it. And now, it happened again! KrispyNotKrunchy, a devoted Offspring fan and member of the official Offspring forums, has bought a 1986 tape from eBay and managed to get the full tape in high quality online. This tape was recorded when Noodles was still known as Kevin, Greg K. was known as just Greg, and their drummer was still James Frederick Lilja who apparently was a Satan worshipper.

The untitled demo tape contains music we've heard before, music we partially heard before, and music we wish we heard before! It comes from an era when the band still younger than most of today's fans. Dexter and Greg were about the age of 21, while Noodles was around the age of 23. James Lilja must've been about the same age as Dexter and Greg, seeing as Noodles was the oldest in the band and by the time he entered the band, the only one who could legally buy beer. What a reason to join a band huh?

Download the tape here! (39MB)

Or download the files individually below:

1 - BLACKBALL - Download here
Obviously we all know "Blackball" from the band's selftitled album from 1989. This demo tape is just that song but a bit more raw and similar to other demos we heard of this song. 

2 - TONIGHT I DO - Download here
The only recording we've heard of this song was from the almost exactly 24 year old bootleg that was recorded in San Breburin '87 (is there really a place called like that?). Luckily these newly surfaced recordings let us hear what we actually were listening to for so long already.

3 - CALL IT RELIGION - Download here
Another song that we've already known for some time. It was on the Subject To Blackout, also from '86 and also thanks to KrispyNotKrunchy. The band also played at the same show where they played Tonight I Do.

4 - BALLROOM BLITZ - Download here
A genius cover of The Sweet with a hilarious opening by a very young Dexter. "Ready Greg? - I don't care. Kevin? - Yeahhh! James? - Satannn! Alright fellows, let's goooooooo!". Song number three from the '87 show. Very high quality, 

5 - HALLOWEEN - Download here
This tape came a week or two too late, otherwise this song would've been my personal Halloween titletrack. Dexter's singing he's the anti-christ! As if we didn't know that Child C-2017... This song also appears on the Subject To Blackout tape.

6 - FIRE AND ICE - Download here
Another song we've heard before on the Subject To Blackout compilation tape. It's an alternate version to I'll Be Waiting which, together with Blackball, appeared on the band's debut  album from 1989. Both songs also appeared in 1986 on the I'll Be Waiting/Blackball EP.

Download the tape here! (39MB)

All credits go out to KrispyNotKrunchy who spent a lot of money to obtain this tape and make it available for us all. Help him out by making a small contribution to him via paypal (

Noodles himself mentioned a few times he still has old recordings from the band somewhere. I strongly hopes he or anyone else from the band is aware that fans would LOVE to hear this and that it's certainly worth the effort to release old material. If only to stop money hunters from selling it for ridiculous high prices on the internet.

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