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Welcome to the new TheOffspringSite.com

Sorry for not being around for the last months, but... Welcome back!

Check out our ever-growing photo gallery and our awesome download section and everything else we prepared for you guys!

Kudos goes to Tijs, who did most of the heavy work, it took us more than two years to get this thing done, believe it or not, but it was mostly just the two of us working on it, and we got some important things of our own that kept us from releasing it sooner, but hope you guys enjoy it anyway! And we know it's not perfect, there probably are some mistakes here and there, so, if you come across anything like that, please let us know.

But we'd also ike to thank Dan M., Camilamazed,~|Vredina|~ and some people I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting to mention here.

The website is available in two languages, English and Portuguese (we hope to get it out in other languages soon, any candidates for translation?), so, enjoy it and drop us a comment!

Posted by Gustavo | 18-07-2011
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