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201708-08-2017 The Offspring to Headline Jack's 12th Show 08-02-2017 Fall Tour with Sublime With Rome 201616-12-2016 Noodles in East Bay Punk Documentary (2017) 10-12-2016 First Ixnay On The Hombre show announced 03-12-2016 New pressing of Smash on Translucent Yellow Vinyl 31-07-2016 New Offspring Song for Sharknado 26-02-2016 The Offspring to play Buzzfest 2016 19-02-2016 Summer Nationals 2016 201530-10-2015 The Offspring to play HellFest 2016 24-04-2015 The Offspring on Guitar Center Sessions 18-04-2015 More North American Tour Dates 18-04-2015 Coming For You Music Video Posted 30-01-2015 The Offspring release new single Coming For You 201424-08-2014 Yahoo Live Stream August 30th 13-08-2014 New Music Video for Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickens 27-07-2014 3 New Cover Songs Posted 15-07-2014 Noodles Twitter Q&A 10-06-2014 Dexter and Noodles on BBC Radio 1 Tonight 04-06-2014 Livestream of The Offspring at Rock Am Ring 04-06-2014 Vote for The Offspring on 29-05-2014 The Offspring to play Aftershock Festival 21-05-2014 Offspring Vinyl on Instagram 15-05-2014 Summer Nationals Tour Announced 04-05-2014 Full Show from Groezrock Festival including the complete Smash album 29-04-2014 The Offspring to Headline Chill On The Hill Festival 08-04-2014 Smash 20th Anniversary 31-03-2014 The Offspring nominated for the Official Kerrang! Rock 100! 08-03-2014 OC Music Awards livestream tonight 03-03-2014 The Offspring to headline Pointfest 2014 03-03-2014 The Offspring at Heavy Montreal Festival 15-02-2014 Concert For The Philippines Video posted 12-02-2014 The Offspring at OC Music Awards 2014 08-02-2014 Planeta Atlantida Festival Live Stream 30-01-2014 Concert for the Philippines Webcast February 15th 21-01-2014 Music For Relief Auctions 09-01-2014 The Offspring on Instagram 09-01-2014 Dexter on Fuse News 07-01-2014 Breaking news Dexter will be on Loveline tonight! 201325-11-2013 The Offspring to play Download Festival 2014 28-08-2013 The Offspring on Loveline September 19th 27-08-2013 New Tour in Russia Announced 24-07-2013 Dexter On APM's Marketplace Radio This Thursday 16-07-2013 2013 Gringo Bandito Taco Eating Contest Announced 10-07-2013 The Offspring to play Warped Tour in Australia 08-07-2013 Nitro Records Acquired By Bicycle Music Company 29-06-2013 New Ron Welty Instrumental Tracks 22-06-2013 New radio interview with Noodles 17-06-2013 The Offspring to Headline KROQ Epicenter 28-05-2013 Orange Warsaw Festival Interviews 07-05-2013 2 shows added to South American Tour 10-04-2013 Ask The Offspring A Question 05-03-2013 The Offspring to Headline The Ink-N-Iron Festival in June 02-02-2013 Dexter & Noodles on Rockline Radio February 4th 201205-05-2012 [05/05/2012] Irvine, USA - KROQ Weenie Roast y Fiesta 04-05-2012 [05/03/2012] Long Beach, USA - Alex's Bar 01-05-2012 Lyrics for Days Go By and Cruising California have been added 30-04-2012 Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Trunk) is a single in Australia 23-04-2012 New Offspring Single And Album 04-04-2012 The Future Is Now lyrics 31-03-2012 [03/31/2012] Tokyo, Japan - Punkspring Festival 10-03-2012 Dexter Holland visits the USC Thornton School of Music Popular Music Program 10-03-2012 Italy Date Announced 08-03-2012 Denmark Festival Date Announcement 06-03-2012 The Offspring at Greenfield 2012 05-03-2012 Garorock Festival, France Announcement 01-03-2012 Lisbon Festival Date Announced 17-02-2012 The Offspring Return To Madrid 16-02-2012 The Offspring launch Rock Prodigy 16-02-2012 Nova Rock 2012 Announced 07-02-2012 Nagoya, Japan Tour Date Added 01-02-2012 Punkspring Extra Show 27-01-2012 Last Fast Ride 24-01-2012 The Offspring and charity 17-01-2012 New Album, Old Song 11-01-2012 Dexter in 'Love Music Love Food' 201119-12-2011 Rock am Ring & Rock Im Park! 18-12-2011 An even newer BBS Podcast! 14-11-2011 A new BBS Podcast! 14-11-2011 Gringo Bandito Private Reserve 2011 10-11-2011 1986 demo tape surfaced! 10-11-2011 High quality Lowlands 2011 01-11-2011 Punkspring 2012 Japan Announced 26-10-2011 Bunch of new videos for y'all! 02-10-2011 Noodles' Halloween playlist 26-09-2011 Dexter on new The Dwarves album 23-09-2011 New proshots and a bootleg! 01-09-2011 [09/01/2011] Paris, France - Zenith 31-08-2011 [08/31/2011] Paris, France - Zenith 29-08-2011 [08/29/2011] Cologne, Germany - Palladium 27-08-2011 [08/27/2011] Leeds, England - Leeds Festival 27-08-2011 Missed Pukkelpop? Go to Paris for free! 26-08-2011 [08/26/2011] Reading, England - Reading Festival 22-08-2011 [08/22/2011] Nimes, France - Nimes Festival 22-08-2011 [08/21/2011] Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands - Lowlands Festival 19-08-2011 Pukkelpop 2011 has been cancelled 19-08-2011 [08/18/2011] Gampel Open Air, Switzerland 17-08-2011 [08/16/2011] Prague, Czech Republic - Prumyslovy Palac 04-08-2011 The Offspring's New Album Is Almost Finished 02-08-2011 New Offspring Podcast - Kobayashi Edition 18-07-2011 Welcome to the new 22-06-2011 Rock n Way Festival Date Announced 19-06-2011 Dexter's Gringo Bandito Taco Challenge 04-06-2011 Cologne venue change 29-05-2011 The Offspring come to Prague! 18-05-2011 Show added in Cologne, Germany 17-05-2011 Pukkelpop date changed 04-05-2011 Hot Mess releases debut album! 03-05-2011 More European shows! 08-04-2011 The Offspring at Open Air Gampel Festival 25-03-2011 France's Nimes Festival Date Announced, 2nd Paris Show Added 23-03-2011 Thinking of Japan 21-03-2011 The Offspring at Reading & Leeds Festivals 10-03-2011 The Offspring To Headline Italy's I-Day Festival 04-03-2011 The Offspring In Austria 04-03-2011 Paris Tour Date Announced 06-01-2011 Show us your horns! 201007-12-2010 The Offspring, live and acoustic 30-11-2010 E-mail List Update 24-11-2010 New Merch Added To Webstore 28-10-2010 The Offspring Featured In Power Gig Game 26-10-2010 Offspring Radio - New And Improved 18-10-2010 Offspring Podcasts 05-10-2010 Homepage Content Updates 25-09-2010 Gringo Bandito Private Reserve 24-09-2010 The New! 01-09-2010 The Offspring On Japanese TV 23-07-2010 Offspring Twitter Comes To Life 18-07-2010 Japan Compilation CD Release 15-07-2010 Unity Tour - Arrive Early! 09-07-2010 Happy Birthday, Pete! 02-07-2010 Todd Morseís new album 20-06-2010 interviews Ron Emory! 18-06-2010 Toy Story 3 18-06-2010 The Offspring debut new song on tour 08-06-2010 The Offspring - In Studio Video Clip 04-06-2010 Dexter and Noodles On Loveline 04-06-2010 Dexter On New Ron Emory Album 17-05-2010 4 West Coast Shows Added To Kick Off Summer Tour 28-04-2010 The Offspring At Taste Of Minnesota 22-04-2010 Interview with Dexter in Brazil 2004 20-04-2010 The Offspring At Summerfest 19-04-2010 Dexter to participate a BBC special about Epitaph Records 17-04-2010 Dexter Holland in the new Ron Emory album 07-04-2010 U.S. troops using The Offspring's music in Taliban 31-03-2010 Starting Young In Japan 25-03-2010 Unity Tour 2010 24-03-2010 Downloads: Houston 93, Tokyo 95 and Kawasaki 97 23-03-2010 Dates with 311 have been announced! 23-03-2010 The Offspring to headline Woodstock festival in South Korea? 22-03-2010 Studiocam Timelapse - Part 2 14-03-2010 The Offspring to play Summer Sonic festival in Japan 12-03-2010 2010 US Tour News! 04-03-2010 Gringo Bandito OC Weekly Cover Story 24-02-2010 The Offspring live at Reading Festival this year? 20-02-2010 Studiocam Timelapse! 18-02-2010 StudioCam Is Live! 16-02-2010 Canadian Offspring Dates Announced 15-02-2010 The Offspring live in Dawson Creek, Canada / New album in 2010? 14-02-2010 The Offspring in Canada 05-02-2010 Pete Parada and Todd Morse playing with Petty Cash 27-01-2010 100 Million Views! 20-01-2010 Offspring Videos Online - Better Than Ever 19-01-2010 TheOffspringSite.Com interviews Pete Parada! 19-01-2010 Sorry! :( 09-01-2010 Best Devil Horns Photos 06-01-2010 Modern Rock interviews Pete Parada 200931-12-2009 Happy New Year 25-12-2009 Happy Holidays from The Offspring 03-12-2009 The Offspring in the Copenhagen 31-10-2009 The Offspring live in Vegas 09-10-2009 The Making of - "Stuff is Messed Up" 08-10-2009 Australia Shows Canceled 08-10-2009 Ultimate Guitar interviews Noodles 07-09-2009 The Lightning Rod campaign is finally over! 05-09-2009 [09/05/2009] Zagreb, Croatia - Tvornica 04-09-2009 [09/04/2009] Wiesen, Austria - Two Days a Week Festival 02-09-2009 [09/02/2009] Milan, Italy ? Alcatraz 31-08-2009 Help Lightning Rod get played in Zagreb 28-08-2009 [28/08/2009] Ulft, The Netherlands - Huntenpop Festival 27-08-2009 Tijs' Offspring Tour Journal 26-08-2009 [08/26/2009] Manchester, England - Manchester Academy 25-08-2009 [08/25/2009] London, England - Brixton Academy 24-08-2009 Tijs' Offspring Tour Journal 22-08-2009 [08/22/2009] Erfurt-Hohenfelden, Germany - Highfield Festival 21-08-2009 [08/21/2009] L?dinghausen, Germany - Area4 21-08-2009 More Australian Dates Announced 20-08-2009 [08/20/2009] Kiewit, Belgium - Pukkelpop 2009 19-08-2009 Guitar Hero Update 19-08-2009 The Offspring In Australia 18-08-2009 [08/18/2009] Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachtof 17-08-2009 Tijs' Offspring Tour Journal 16-08-2009 [08/16/2009] Budapest, Hungary - Sziget Festival 15-08-2009 [08/15/2009] Terchova, Slovakia - Budzogan Festival 13-08-2009 [08/13/2009] Avenches, Switzerland - Rock Oz' Ar?nes Festival 12-08-2009 Welcome to 12-08-2009 [08/12/2009] Colmar, France - Foire Aux Vins 08-08-2009 [08/08/09] Algarve, Portugal - Rockone Festival 14-07-2009 Samsung AT&T San Francisco Show 13-07-2009 SIFU Video Premiere 11-07-2009 Daily Gazette interviews Greg K 01-07-2009 Toronto Radio Performance 25-06-2009 JS Online interviews Greg K 24-06-2009 Help Pick The Offspring's Set List 19-06-2009 Billboard interviews Noodles 19-06-2009 Vindy interviews Dexter Holland 11-06-2009 Uptown Magazine interviews Greg K 11-06-2009 Vue Weekly interviews Greg K 11-06-2009 New Photos Added 09-06-2009 Metronews interviews Noodles 09-06-2009 No Service Fee Wednesday Again 09-06-2009 The Offspring In Barcelona 06-06-2009 New Photos Added 05-06-2009 The Offspring Headline Rockone Festival 05-06-2009 Zagreb, Croatia Show Announced 04-06-2009 New Photos Added 03-06-2009 The Examer interviews Dexter Holland 03-06-2009 Rolling Stone interviews Dexter Holland 03-06-2009 More European Tour Dates Announced 02-06-2009 Special Ticket Offer Announcement 01-06-2009 More German Dates Announced 31-05-2009 London Tour Date Announced 30-05-2009 Dexter Holland On Loveline 29-05-2009 The Offspring In Slovakia 28-05-2009 Phoenix Venue Change 22-05-2009 Rapid City Journal interviews Dexter Holland 15-05-2009 The Offspring To Headline Huntenpop Festival 12-05-2009 Metromix New York interviews Dexter Holland 12-05-2009 Austin Venue Change 08-05-2009 Two Dates Added To North American Tour 05-05-2009 The Offspring At Rock Oz'Ar?nes 30-04-2009 The Offspring at Two Days a Week Festival 24-04-2009 The Offspring Acoustic Set in San Antonio 22-04-2009 The Offspring At Pukkelpop Festival 21-04-2009 San Francisco Bay Area Date Added 07-04-2009 The Offspring at Rock en Seine Festival 06-04-2009 Salt Lake City Date Added 06-04-2009 The Offspring added to Sziget Festival 03-04-2009 St. Louis Date Added 30-03-2009 Washington, DC Date Added 29-03-2009 Summer Festival Dates In Germany Announced 11-02-2009 New Photos Added 30-01-2009 "Kristy" Video Premieres On AOL 200812-12-2008 New & Old Merch 06-11-2008 The Offspring Join Tap Tap Revenge 05-11-2008 Fuse' s Best Video Tournament 23-10-2008 The Offspring On TV Total 22-10-2008 Curitiba and Fortaleza, Brasil Shows Announced 16-10-2008 "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" Video Now Available 14-10-2008 Moscow, Russia Show Announced 13-10-2008 4 New Photo Galleries Have Been Added 10-10-2008 Hammerhead Video Contest Results 06-10-2008 Houston Festival Change 03-10-2008 More Brazil Shows Added 01-10-2008 Thanks For Making YGGFK #1 30-09-2008 The Offspring In Argentina 20-09-2008 The Offspring Headline KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas 19-09-2008 Sao Paulo Festival Date Announced 16-09-2008 The Offspring Return To Brasil 13-09-2008 St Petersburg, Russia Show Announced 11-09-2008 Free Concert In Charlotte 11-09-2008 Live Performance On Yahoo! 09-09-2008 The Offspring To Play Dallas, TX 05-09-2008 Berlin Show Added 25-08-2008 Houston, TX Show Announced 20-08-2008 The Offspring Featured In Two New Games 15-08-2008 WMMR Interview And Performance 15-08-2008 New Photo Added 11-08-2008 Offspring Contest 08-08-2008 Myspace Secret Show Video Clip 04-08-2008 New Photos Added 01-08-2008 Free Myspace Secret Show Announcement 23-07-2008 New Photos Added 01-07-2008 Hammerhead Video Contest Closed 20-06-2008 Japanese Tour Announcement 19-06-2008 New Album Listening Party At 18-06-2008 The Offspring To Play Bumbershoot Festival 17-06-2008 Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace Out Now 17-06-2008 Hammerhead Video Contest Extended 17-06-2008 Limited Edition RFRG Art Poster Available 17-06-2008 Hammerhead for Rock Band 10-06-2008 RFRG Lyrics Posted 06-06-2008 New Album And Music Video To Premiere Online 31-05-2008 Tour Date Added 28-05-2008 NEW BAND JOURNAL FROM GREG K 22-05-2008 New Tour Date Added 20-05-2008 New Photos Added 20-05-2008 New Photos Added 20-05-2008 New Photos Added 19-05-2008 Exclusive T-Shirt Available From Download Festival Website 16-05-2008 New Merchandise Available Now 16-05-2008 The Offspring In Big Cheese 15-05-2008 Smash And Ignition Reissues 14-05-2008 New Photos Added 14-05-2008 Hammerhead Video Contest Announcement 13-05-2008 New Photos Added 12-05-2008 RFRG Album Cover Revealed 05-05-2008 The Offspring To Play KROQ Weenie Roast 05-05-2008 New Album Release Information 05-05-2008 Free "Hammerhead" Download Available Now 01-05-2008 Welcome To The New 30-04-2008 Hammerhead Single Artwork Unveiled 28-04-2008 The Offspring To Perform Saturday Night VFest 24-04-2008 New Album Track-listing 17-04-2008 The Offspring Set To Play "Big Gig" In Denver 11-04-2008 X-Fest In San Diego Announced 09-04-2008 Album News! 09-04-2008 The Offspring Headline Czech Republic Festival 02-04-2008 Santa Barbara, CA Date Announced 31-03-2008 The Offspring To Perform in Athens 31-03-2008 The Offspring To Play Spain 23-03-2008 The Shit Is Fucked Up Tour Announcement 23-03-2008 Lisbon Date Announced 21-03-2008 Festival Dates Announced In France and Hungary 18-03-2008 The Offspring To Play Rock Am Ring And Rock Im Park Festivals 12-03-2008 The Offspring to Headline Greenfield Festival 08-03-2008 The Offspring Complete Australian Soundwave Festival 25-02-2008 Australian Soundwave Festival Update 04-02-2008 The Offspring To Headline Download Festival 14-01-2008 The Offspring Book Airline Tickets to Australia 200712-11-2007 The Offspring To Headline Australia' s Soundwave Festival 31-10-2007 Jack-O-Lantern Contest Results 22-10-2007 Needs A Jack-O-Lantern 15-08-2007 Offspring plays club gig 14-08-2007 Offspring finish up Japan's Summer Sonic Festival 01-08-2007 The Offspring In New Documentary "Punk's Not Dead" 27-07-2007 The Offspring have a new drummer 16-07-2007 Offspring Skateboard Decks 27-06-2007 Tokyo Date Added 14-05-2007 Check Out the New Myspace Page 14-03-2007 Summer Sonic Festival In Japan Confirmed 200604-12-2006 Dexter Launches Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce 16-11-2006 Recording Begins 23-10-2006 Jack-O-Lantern Contest Results 13-10-2006 Needs A Jack-O-Lantern 28-08-2006 Dexter Holland Interview Part IV 14-08-2006 Dexter Holland Interview Part III 01-08-2006 Dexter Holland Interview Part II 19-07-2006 Dexter Holland Interviewed By Blag Dahlia 24-05-2006 New Puffy Ami Yumi Single Written By Dexter 18-05-2006 Dexter's LA Marathon Shoes Up For Charity Auction 05-04-2006 Greg K At The 91X Punk Rock Pro-Am 20-03-2006 Dexter Completes the LA Marathon 07-03-2006 Dexter to Run in LA Marathon on March 19th 200511-11-2005 Become An Fan Of the Day 26-09-2005 The Offspring To Play BlizzCon Game Festival 26-09-2005 Next To You On The Radio 17-08-2005 Spain Show Added, Helsinki Fan Contest 09-08-2005 C.B.G.B's Benefit Show And Ticket Auction 05-08-2005 Dexter talks about the new Offspring DVD 03-08-2005 Dexter And Noodles On Fuse Today 05-07-2005 The Offspring At Myspace Warped Booth 30-06-2005 DVD Pre-Order Details 28-06-2005 Win DVD Player From The Offspring & 24-06-2005 German Shows Announced 21-06-2005 Greeting From Dexter 20-06-2005 Greatest Hits Release Dates 17-06-2005 Manchester And Glasgow Shows Confirmed 16-06-2005 London Show Announcement 13-06-2005 Noodles Talks To DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show 13-06-2005 New European Tour Dates 09-06-2005 Greatest Hits Media Player, DVD Release Date Change 07-06-2005 Warped '05 Soundtrack In Stores Today 06-06-2005 "Can't Repeat" On Fuse 02-06-2005 Greatest Hits Pre-Order Details 24-05-2005 Official Offspring Pages On and 24-05-2005 Free Tickets To Louisville, KY Show 23-05-2005 Heading To Europe 20-05-2005 Greatest Hits Pre-sale 10-05-2005 Dew Action Sports Tour 09-05-2005 Release Date Set For Greatest Hits 06-05-2005 "Can't Repeat" On Your Radio & TV 25-04-2005 New Offspring Song Complete 19-04-2005 "Greatest Hits" Almost Done 30-03-2005 Dexter On Song Poll 09-03-2005 In The Studio 12-01-2005 Vans Warped Tour '05 Confirmed 11-01-2005 Offspring Items In KROQ Tsunami Benefit Auction 200415-12-2004 Offspring Memorabilia On Display 09-12-2004 Dexter Talks To 16-11-2004 Dexter Heads Around The World 22-10-2004 NOW AVAILABLE Special Low Priced Holiday Havoc Tickets (Pennywise, Buzzcocks, The Distillers and more) 07-10-2004 The Offspring Return Home To Headline Holiday Havoc 12-09-2004 Return To South America 01-09-2004 Panama City Show Cancelled 16-08-2004 New Atom Photo Gallery! 06-08-2004 Dexter On New Dwarves Album 05-08-2004 Around The World In 4 Months 02-06-2004 New Photo Gallery 12-05-2004 Rock Against Bush In Stores 28-04-2004 Dexter And Noodles on Rockline 13-04-2004 The Offspring Nominated For CAMA 02-02-2004 The Offspring In Mean Street 23-01-2004 The Offspring on CD:UK 19-01-2004 The Offspring To Play Free Show At X-Games in Aspen 13-01-2004 The Offspring SMITI Playset 200329-12-2003 Greetings From Dexter! 23-12-2003 Smash to Splinter 21-11-2003 Splinter Album News! 14-10-2003 New Photo Shoot! 01-10-2003 NEW DRUMMER NEWS! 09-09-2003 NEW ALBUM DETAILS ANNOUNCED! 21-07-2003 Kerrang! includes CD compiled by Dexter. 18-03-2003 Ron Welty No Longer A Member Of The Offspring 04-02-2003 Orange County, CA, "Da Hui" Video Continued 16-01-2003 The Offspring Are Back In The Studio! 200210-11-2002 The Offspring Play Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam 03-09-2002 The Offspring take home a Kerrang! Award 15-08-2002 The Offspring to play Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam 05-08-2002 The Offspring To Play KROQ's Levi Inland Invasion 29-07-2002 The Offspring to Perform at 2002 Kerrang! Awards 12-07-2002 The Offspring to Perform Benefit Concert For Surfer Organizations' Spinal Injury Research 25-03-2002 The Offspring on VH1 01-03-2002 The Offspring play Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam 25-01-2002 The Recording Artists Coalition Confirms Line-Ups For "Concerts For Artists' Rights" 200112-12-2001 'Defy You' in stores on December 18th! 07-12-2001 "Defy You" video to debut on MTV! 26-10-2001 The Offspring Back In The Studio! 18-07-2001 The Offspring and others invade the Inland Empire! 02-07-2001 Million Miles Away Single Now In Stores! 18-05-2001 The Offspring play KROQ's Punk Rock Prom at Magic Mountain! 01-04-2001 The Offspring in Crazy Taxi 2! 28-03-2001 The Offspring in Tomcats 05-02-2001 The Offspring to play with AC/DC in the UK! 18-01-2001 Kerrang and Guitar World 05-01-2001 The New Video - Want You Bad! 200020-11-2000 New Merchandise Available! 13-11-2000 The New Album Conspiracy Of One In Stores Now!