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The creators of this website (iGustavo & Tijs) have been dedicated fans of The Offspring for well over a decade. The same goes for those who help us out by contributing their knowledge and time TheOffspringSite.com and TheOffspring.com.br.

The reason why we created this website is because we need an output to express our love for The Offspring and its brilliant music. We want to help other fans – and even those who are not – to get the full The Offspring experience as we experience them. We strive to do so by giving you the latest news about the band, access to an constantly increasing detailed database of biographies, past and future shows, music releases. The ability to get cool media like video- and audiobootlegs and photos.

Our philosophy is that sharing is good. Eventually the people who share, are the people who win. So share!


We do not earn any money whatsoever by running this website. It only costs us.