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The Offspring is a punk band from California, from where most American punk rock bands are formed, initially in 1984 under the name Manic Subsidal. The first incarnation of the band had: Brian (Dexter) Holland, Greg Kriesel and Kevin (Noodles) Wasserman. Noodles was called to the band to get alcohol for the band members, which were under age at the time.

In 1985, the band decides to change its name to The Offspring and recorded it's first single, in an independent record label called Black Label, founded by members of the band. The single had songs like "I'll be waiting" and "Blackball" songs that would later be part of the band's first album. The original drummer, Jim Benton decided to devote himself more to his studies, and therefor was replaced by Ron Welty.

Their debut album, The Offspring, sold three thousand copies on vinyl by the independent label Nemesis / Cargo.

Two years later, launching the second Epitaph album, Ignition, which went platinum by sell out.

In 1994, after a tour with Pennywise and NOFX, the most acclaimed album of The Offspring was released. Smash, was and still is the biggest selling album of all time by an independent label and quickly reached the #4 spot on the Billboard record chart. In 1997 the band signs contract with Columbia Records and released the Ixnay on the Hombre album, selling over three million copies worldwide. It is rumored that the song "Gone Away", a hit from this album was a dedication of Dexter on his girlfriend, killed in a car accident.

A year later, in 1998, the album American was released. As a way of marketing, the band released the song "Pretty Fly (For a white guy) "in MP3 before the album's release and quickly established a record for downloads in only ten weeks. The album was released and soon sold over ten million copies in a short time, thanks to the videoclip.

Napster, one of the largest file-sharing programs at the time, was sued by The Offspring for imprinting on shirts the bands logo. At the same time, Napster was being sued by several bands that did not like to have their materials which were not yet available, shared. The Offspring at the same time, made a donation of one million dollars for the program to continue operating.

In 2000, before the official launch of the new album Conspiracy of One, the band's official website was offering the free download.

Ron Welty left the band in 2003, giving rise to the first time Josh Freese worked with the band in the album Splinter. In October, after testing with many drummers, Atom Willard was chosen for a tour. At the time, Dexter gave a statement that the album would be called Chinese Democracy, a direct attack on Axl Rose of Guns N ' Roses, which had declared that this was the name of their new CD since 1997.

In 2005, The Offspring released Greatest Hits with his hits and unreleased "Can't Repeat", plus the hidden track "Next to You", cover of The Police).

In 2007, in the beginning of the year their was the comment of Atom Willard leaving the band to devote himself entirely to Angels and Airwaves, but was denied, but in July 2007 it was announced that drummer that would be recording in the studio for the new album would be Josh Freese and that for the tour would be the drummer Pete Parada, then in August 2007 Pete Parada played their first gig with The Offspring in SummerSonic'07 Japan.

In 2008, the band did a mini tour in Australia during February and March, where in a couple of shows,they played a new song, Half-Truism, and in other shows, played a new song that had been played in Japan in the year.

On April 4, 2008, Dexter Holland said the new album would be called "Rise and Fall, Rage And Grace "and that would be the first single Hammerhead, which would be released in early May. On 5 May 2008 the band released the single "Hammerhead for free download on their official site.

Later in the year 2008, the band did a short European tour, released the single You're Gonna Go Far, Kid, toured Japan, South America and released the video for Kristy Are You Doing Okay.

In 2009, after a first half semester resting, Dexter and Noodles did a small acoustic tour in radios in the U.S., and then started a big North American tour called Shit Is Fucked Up in May 2009, an interview with Noodles revealed that the band was already working with producer Bob Rock again for a new album.

In early January 2010, interviewed Pete Parada, which can be seen In the interview Pete said that there was not yet ready to talk about the new album.

It was revealed later that Josh Freese (who worked with the band on previous albums) is also recording in the new album.

In July 2010, The Offspring played their first new song since 2008 during their tour.

In 2011, in the band's official website, Dexter and Noodles began posting podcasts to stay connected and updated with the fans.

Pete Parada joined a band called Hot Mess, which released his first album in April 2011.

In the eighth podcast of the official website, Dexter and Noodles said that the new album is still in progress.